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Transcript classification

Neoblast, stringent 357 transcrip clusters obtained by overllaping 'Irradiation' and 'Neoblast' categories
Neoblast 924 transcript clusters enriched in proliferating cells excluding germline
S/G2/M, no gonads 956 transcript clusters enriched in late-S/G2/M cells in all conditions, including intact animals, cut heads and juveniles
Germline 2,739 transcripts enriched in proliferating germline cells
Int S/G2/M 7,124 transcript clusters significantly enriched in late-S/G2/M cells of intact animals
Irradiation 7,277 transcript clusters significantly depleted at all three time points after irradiation (0h vs 12h, 0h vs 24h, 0h vs 72h)


Gene counts, fold changes and FDR for various gene expression comparisons, and classification of genes into categories.

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